Twitter mandates labels for bots

Twitter updated its developer policy and issued a new rule – requiring the bots to have labels if they don’t want to be removed from the platform.

Although the average user may not be aware of them, the use of bots is quite prevalent on Twitter. In fact, many developers have enlisted bots on their profiles to post ‘tweets’ in an automatic manner and most of them are harmless – in fact, helpful for the Twitter community.

For example, there are some creative Twiterattis who have started automated accounts that post each time there is an earthquake in the San Francisco Bay Area (@earthquakeSF). There is another popular account by the title of @tinycarebot that tweets reminders to drink water, take a walk, and other self-care protocols.

However, there are many accounts that use automated means to spam other Twitter users. According to the micro-blogging platform, this would minimize spam, illicit comments, and harassment that is often initiated by ‘low-quality’ bots.

By having clear tags on automated accounts, the users would be able to differentiate between the authentic bots and those that are working as ‘bad actors.’

The company has been working on ways to end ‘malicious automation’ since 2018 and the updated policy is just another step towards its fulfillment.

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