Twitter’s Web App Might Start Letting You Save Drafts

If you use Twitter mostly on the mobile app version you are probably already familiar with the feature that allows you to save unsent tweets as drafts in case you might want to end up tweeting them at a later date. This is a highly useful feature since you can save your thoughts down as they come to you and as a result of this fact you might just be able to tweet these thoughts at more sensible times where they would get the biggest amount of attention from the people that are following you at this current point in time.

However, people that use the web app version of Twitter often don’t get to use this feature simply because of the fact that it has not been made available on this particular version of the platform. Hence, web app users often have to use third parties and external applications that can help them with this sort of thing, and this is the kind of functionality that the web app lacks that makes it lag behind some Twitter competitors that have firmly placed themselves ahead in the game and this is a position that they are not likely to lose until and unless Twitter ups its game.

As spotted by Jane Manchun Wong, Twitter is finally testing the feature for web app users to gain access to the draft saving option.

Saving drafts is just one new feature that Twitter is introducing for the web app. You also now have different tabs that you can customize according to your preferences, with each of these tabs giving you something different to look into when it comes to the tweets that you would be getting here, giving you a level of customization that you might have never been able to see before when it comes to a platform like Twitter and all that it can offer.

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