Twitter imposes ban on ‘dehumanizing’ remarks

Twitter revamped its hate speech policy recently and will now remove tweets that make dehumanizing remarks on their platform. This includes posts that treat others less than human, on the basis of their age, disability, and disease.

The updated policy follows the changes Twitter made in July that covered dehumanizing posts related to religious groups, race, and gender. Now, the micro-blogging platform is expanding the ban to other areas as well.

The company started banning dehumanizing speeches in September 2018. During that time, Twitter took feedback regarding their policy and received more than 8,000 responses from over 30 countries in a two-week span.

Although the new policy was welcome by the Twitteratis, most users in their feedback said that the policy was too broad and should be specified accordingly. Therefore, Twitter started removing speeches targeting religion and now is moving towards age, disability, and disease.

Twitter says that they would soon add protection for more groups in their policy.

The social media network has also imposed bans on misgendering remarks against the transgender community. The company is also issuing labels on videos and photos in order to give the viewer more context regarding the posts.

Photo: ALASTAIR PIKE via Getty Images

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