Google Search Gets a PDF Upgrade

PDFs are very important because of the fact that they allow us to view a lot of documents in a way that is much easier to digest than what would be the case with word documents not to mention the fact that it would allow the dissemination of information without easily allowing the alteration of that information which would undoubtedly end up being a serious issue if the information were being disseminated through the use of documents rather than PDFs.

PDFs are essentially images, yet for the longest time you couldn’t really preview them through Google Image Search which is the kind of thing that really impacts the functionality of this service in a really big way and prevents it from being quite as useful as it could potentially have been if more thought had been put into the features that were being offered.

However, a new update that is coming to the Google Image Search function might just change all of this for the better. Now if you are going to be looking at a PDF in your search results, you would get a thumbnail that you would be able to look at that would serve as a kind of preview of the contents contained within the PDF itself.

Now, the fact of the matter is that this is going to really improve the experience that people can actually have when they look into the kind of information they want to acquire using Google search. The best part of this update is that it actually looks quite familiar so it won’t be a jarring change for most users, and most people would assume that the feature has always been there because of the fact that it has been implemented in such a smooth way which would definitely improve the experience users would obtain.

Screenshot of Google search featuring image thumbnails of PDF search results

Hat Tip: Brian Freiesleben

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