Apple permits to advertise via notifications, many other updates are here

Apple has been changing its policies nowadays. One of the updates the tech giant made is that developers and advertisers have the right to give push notifications on iPhones and iPads to the users who have opt-in or allowed to have notifications. The users have the option to opt-out of notifications whenever they find them not worthy.

However, the company has warned the developers not to give spam or bundles of push notifications at a time to the user. Besides, the company updated the clause 4.5.4 and said that developers are not allowed to use sensitive and confidential information of users who have opted in for push notifications. At the end of the rule, it is mentioned that developers should not misuse the opportunity or they would be unable to use it.

Apple updated the guidelines because the company was criticized by the users who said that Apple has double standards when they gave them push notifications without their consent.

Meanwhile, the company made it compulsory that every developer and user has to update the iPhone and iPad to iOS 13 SDK by the 30th of April 2020. Apple says that all updates will be built on the latest Operating System in which Dark Mode, Core ML 3, ARKit 3 and many others are included. Therefore, developers are instructed to update their apps to make them compatible with devices that have the latest OS.

Moreover, Tim Cook’s company has announced that all users have to sign in to the device with Apple credential and ID by the last date of April of this year. Besides, there is another update which says that developers have to use Apple’s provided API to make users to review their applications. This update will make them unable to review the app by giving them custom notifications. Yet, the same developers have resources to use and implement buttons and logos.

Apple has been working to make its smartphones and App store better day by day. Therefore, it was announced that spam-like apps will be removed. According to Apple the App store has so many dating and spam applications due to which they remove upcoming such apps unless they have something unique and different content.

In the world of tech, updates are always required because humans are evolving. Therefore, there is a need to evolve and update the tech to make their lives easier. The unique quality of every successful company is that they update themselves. And that’s what Apple is good at.

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