Microsoft Reveals Not Enough Accounts Use Multi-factor Authentication

According to Microsoft, about 0.5% of accounts that people have on their cloud storage platform end up getting compromised every month. That means that over a million accounts get compromised on a monthly basis, which means that this is definitely a problem that needs to be addressed. Usually when problems like this occur, the company that owns the platform that the accounts belong to takes the blame. However, in this particular situation it may be possible that the onus is on the users because of the fact that Microsoft has revealed that practically every account that gets compromised does not use MFA or multi-factor authentication.

Accounts that don’t use MFA are at risk of getting compromised because of the fact that MFA adds a few layers of protection to the accounts that you have. When you don’t use it, you make it that much easier for malicious actors to gain access to your account. Using MFA can greatly reduce the likelihood that your account could potentially end up being compromised thereby giving access to your data to malicious actors who might use it for all kinds of purposes.

The true danger is for Enterprise users who are generally using this platform to store business data. Surprisingly, in spite of the sensitivity of the data being stored, only about 11% of Enterprise accounts have MFA enabled. This needs to change if these accounts are to be protected.

Another thing that Microsoft pointed out is that hackers often use password replays to gain access to accounts. This is when the password for one account is exposed, and hackers use these passwords on all other accounts a user might have in the hopes that one of these accounts would use the same password. Hence, you should try to use different passwords for each account as often as you can.

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