Creators get more control on TikTok

This week, we have good news for the TikTok’ers who use the app for marketing purpose. TikTok will soon roll out analytics tool for the creators and influencers that will include real-time insights on views, engagement rates, demographics, and other important data. The analytics tool will be available in TikTok’s Creator Marketplace app.

The Creator Marketplace app allows marketers to target relevant TikTok users based on their interest and geographical location. However, not many people are aware of the new tool as currently it is only available exclusively via invitation through TikTok’s main website.

According to TikTok, the new updated app will include data for:

· Views

· engagements including likes, comments, shares

· engagement rate

· audience by category including gender, age, device

This will make it easier for the marketers to target relevant audiences and optimize their campaign to achieve better results. Additionally, TikTok would be analyzing the data themselves – instead of relying on third-party analytics tool, which would give the marketers more accurate data.

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