Google Chrome’s Media Control Center Might Be Getting Picture in Picture

Google has really been beefing up Chrome, probably in the hopes that this is the sort of thing that would enable the average user to get more out of their experience using this web browser. One of the things that Google has consistently been improving has been the various media control options that you have at your disposal, options that are supposed to make it so that you no longer have to worry all that much about how you are going to control the media that you are consuming simply because of the fact that this media is going to controlled through a centralized location while you are using Google Chrome.

Now, the fact of the matter is that this media control center still has a long way to go before anyone can say that it is perfect in every single way, and it turns out that Google is definitely aware of this. Hence, in order to address the lack of progress that has been made as of late, Google has decided to add a brand new feature to the media control center, a feature that most people are probably going to find very useful indeed.

This feature that we are discussing is the picture in picture mode, and if you are an Android user you have probably enjoyed using this feature quite a bit. It essentially allows you to continue watching a particular video even if you navigate away from it by keeping it in the media control center. This is how it will work on Chrome, and it really changes the media consuming options that you might have at your disposal all in all. According to Xda-developers, Google Chrome has been testing this feature out so you might not get it immediately, but the development indicate that it might just get rolled out soon.

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