Just in: TikTok to update its app with a bunch of new features

According to social media consultant and news breaker, Matt Navarra, TikTokers can expect a few new features soon as the makers put them on the test. Navarra posted his findings from his official Twitter account and shared screenshots as well.

The most prominent feature that we can soon see on TikTok is the ‘likes/dislikes’ in comments. Most social media networks allow users to react to other people’s comments. However, TikTok takes things further by adding a dislike or a thumbs down button on the comments feed.

Additionally, the users would also be allowed to add links to their websites. As per Matt, only three websites will be enabled at the start. This includes Wikipedia, Trip Advisor, and Yelp.

Fans of TikTok took the updates as a piece of good news and said that this may enhance advertising options for businesses and travelers. However, support for YouTube was missed in the update.

TikTok, founded in 2012 is a video-sharing platform where users can add short video content. Initially, the app was used for entertainment purposes only but gradually it became popular with celebrities and brands who use it for endorsements as well.

ByteDance’s social video app boasts over 1.5 billion downloads. It is also one of the most downloaded apps in the world.

Screenshots: Sphinx / Sam.

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