Google and YouTube Introduces New Resource Pages to Help Teachers and Families to Educate Students At Home

As the Coronavirus has taken over almost all over the world, the countries are shutting down. Some people are going into self-isolation while others are put into quarantine by the government and health officials. Schools, offices, universities, market places, cinemas, and other public gathering venues are being shut down to fight the highly contagious virus of Corona. Amidst this time of fear and panic; YouTube and Google have launched new resource pages which will help families in isolation and quarantine to teach their kids at home while their schools and other educational institutes remain closed.

The pages are going to effectively help teachers and students in the process of learning and educating during the crisis. The page of Google is called ‘Teach from Home’ and it offers many recommendations on how teachers can teach while staying at home with the help of Google products. The pages are simple and clean, currently, there are suggestions including how teachers can do a group video call with Google Hangouts or how online quizzes can be made by using Google Forms.

Apart from this, the ‘Teach from Home’ also has a ‘Teach from Home Toolkit’ which can help the users to personalize their experience on these pages as well as to help the users to organize their stuff into slides. The pages of ‘Teach from Home’ are currently available only in the English language. However, its toolkit is available in other ten languages including Arabic, German, Danish, French, Spanish, Polish and Italian. Google announced that more languages will be a part of this toolkit soon. Apart from all this, Google is also launching a Distance Learning Fund (DLF) which is formed in response to COVID-19. The money generated from this fund will be given to the education partners of Google so that they provide good learning opportunities to the kids during this Corona Virus pandemic.

Like Google, YouTube also has a resource which is called ‘Learn@Home’. It highlights the educational channels on YouTube which students can watch at home on the recommendation of their teachers. This page has categories for all age groups of children and adults. YouTube will be partnering with a lot of educational institutes including the Khan Academy for their resource page.

The service of ‘Learn@Home’ is also available currently in English but will soon be available in Korean, French, Japanese, French, Chinese, etc. the channels that are currently mentioned on the resource pages are Discovery Education, Crash Courses, PBS Kids, Cool School, and Sesame Street. But soon more channels will be highlighted too.

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