Slack Achieves The Highest User Record After The Hike In Remote Working Due To COVID-19

So, you think Microsoft Teams and Zoom are the only business chat and communication apps that are having a great quarantine time? Well, Slack is rapidly emerging as a tough competitor as the company has reported to hit new user records due to the ongoing demand for remote work in these times of coronavirus panic.

Slack first surpassed the 10 million users mark on March 10th but little did they know that it was just a start of the unbelievable hike. Six days later on March 16th, it was 10.5 million but on March 26th the results turned out to be 12.5 million - an all-time new record for the company.

However, these numbers reported by Slack relate to the simultaneously connected users. The total count of daily active users in the current quarantine duration has still not been reported yet. Slack last revealed to have 12 million daily active users back in October 2019.

Microsoft Teams, on the other hand, is about to reach 44 million daily active users and much of the credit for the hike in numbers goes to how majority of operating companies in the times of pandemic are choosing to keep the work going from home.

Slack feels that it can snatch the dominance away from its competitors and hence their marketing team isn’t missing out on any opportunity to let people know users can take more actions in Slack and why people are loving it more than any of the other communication app for work.

Furthermore, Slack’s complete redesign is also underway and with the new revamped version, users will get to see more customization and simplifications when it will roll out in the upcoming weeks to the existing users. Slack CEO Stewart Butterfield has been pretty honest about the app not being very friendly for new users, at least as the company would like it to be. But with that being said, he has also promised to make the platform more useful to a point that users will never have to use email again.

Slack recently also got successful in making IBM it’s biggest customer, which is using the chat communications for its 330,000 employees. Whereas Microsoft is now targeting to take on Zoom as more businesses are relying on video conferencing. So, with Office Press Event on Monday, we can also expect a more refined version of Microsoft Teams for consumers.

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