Facebook Announces New Livestreaming Features To Cope-Up With The Surged Traffic

  • Facebook making it easier for users to access live streams.
  • Users without a smartphone can now also watch live streams and other changes being made to Facebook live.
  • The new feature will help to limit the impact of usage spike caused due to COVID-19 forced global lockdown.

Facebook is now introducing a new feature which will the people to access live streams without having to sign up for an account. This step is being taken to meet the surged demand for a live stream.

Previously, users could watch a live stream from a desktop even if they didn’t have a Facebook account. But now non-Facebook users will be able to watch a live stream from a mobile phone too. This feature will be rolling out to iOS in the upcoming few weeks while being already there for Android users.

The company plans to add a new option to Facebook live features that will help the content creators streaming live through the social media platform to reach the audience that either does not have a smartphone or a smooth mobile data connection. The new option is called ‘Public Switch Telephone Network’ which helps the masses listen to live stream audio through a toll-free number. It’s a similar function to calling into a group call. The company is also adding a new mode to Facebook live feature. The said mode is called ‘audio mode’ only which separates the audio of a live stream from the video itself. This will help users to listen to live streams without having to watch the video.

The new ‘audio only’ mode is going to save the data of people using the platform along with reducing the impact of surged traffic over the platform after the coronavirus forced global lockdowns.

Facebook is adding these features after a huge increase in the demand for the platform’s services caused due to the coronavirus crisis. People stuck in their homes are trying to get connected to their friends and families through the said social media platform. Some users just keep rolling the home news feed out of boredom while some are busy searching for the coronavirus-related information over the platform. The said reasons have resulted in high usage of this social media platform by masses from all over the world. The company is facing struggles during this time of crisis and is trying to meet up with the demand of the masses.

Facebook said that the company is trying its best to ensure that the system keeps running smoothly and people get to use their services without any interference as more people are using the messenger app to connect with their friends, family, and colleagues.

Video calling and live streaming are those features of Facebook that help the company to gather most of its capital. And Europe has already forced the company to lower the video quality. So, the company might get help in conserving the resources if more and more people start using these new features which are discussed above.

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