Google is going to take care of your itinerary amid the coronavirus pandemic

  • Google announces that it will be updating its search for travel advisories and flight cancellations during the Coronavirus Pandemic.
  • The search results on your destination will be flagged with a “COVID-19 Alert” from now on.

Coronavirus pandemic 2020 has taken the center stage of the world and everything else is either turning into dust or has been shoved in the background. There is serious chaos and mass terror everywhere. Governments are implementing lockdowns and people are being encouraged to take special precautionary measures and extra care to stay safe and keep others safe too.

This pandemic has affected the economy of the world in a very hazardous fashion. Many top-notch companies have suffered, but the Silicon Valley Giants have made sure to do their level best to help people by modifying and revamping some of their features and tools.

Like everything else that has been impacted by COVID-19, tourism and traveling have also been adversely affected for most of the countries. With that, of course, the airlines are suffering from a massive blow because of the overall situation too.

However, to help those people who still need to travel or make traveling arrangements during this critical time, Google has announced in a blog post that there is going to be an update in the Google search from now on, making your overall search experience efficient and precise.

When you enter your destination in the Google Search, Maps or Google Travel, and you seek information about flights, hotels, or anything else related to your itinerary, you’ll start seeing COVID-19 related travel advisories and restrictions about your searched destination. Along with the advisory, if there are any relevant information links about your country’s travel authority, you will be prompted to see them as well.

Besides this, Google Search will show the information about your destination flagged with a “COVID-19 Alert” too.

To make your search easy and smooth when everything else in the world is adamant to make you utterly distressed, Google is going to immediately direct you to their Help Center article when you look on Google for flights with a particular airline or go to Google Flights. That Help Center article will give you more information on airline policies

However, these policies are not permanent and are subject to change as per the situation of the pandemic, so it is advised to stay updated about the latest information through the airline’s official website.

Stay updated on travel advisories and airline policies with Google

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