Google Chrome Canary Adds new Privacy Settings and Security Check for Web Users

In its latest version, Google Chrome Canary ensures safe web browsing by introducing new Privacy and Security Check settings. Google has been working on improving and bringing the best features for its web browser for so many years. For which, Google also makes sure to never disappoint its users. The company helped out its users by overhauling its privacy options with an update for Google Chrome Canary that improves the Privacy Settings and also released a new Security Check options. Google Chrome Canary is mainly for developers and beta testers. It helps power-users to get a glimpse of where Google Chrome might be going particularly in terms of new features.

These new features can be activated by enabling a flag in the latest version of Google Chrome Canary chrome://flags/#privacy-settings-redesign.

The newly introduced Security Check option allows web users in the Settings to check for data breaches. This new feature allows users to see if they are using an up to date version or it needs to be updated. Similarly, the popup will inform users about safety of their saved passwords, while extensions tab will highlight information related to harmful extensions if any detected.

Looking further into the update, the Google Chrome Canary also improves the Cookies Settings just like Android version. Most websites use cookies to extend and improve the browsing experience so that web surfers can keeping their accounts logged in and remembering the items of their shipping cart. However, with new settings users can have more control over cookies, for example Chrome users can now block third party cookies in incognito mode.

Google Chrome Canary has dedicated a new Security Card to web browsers for the first time ever against Enhanced Protection and Standard Protection. Google empowers the Standard Protection by default, while Enhanced Protection needs to be manually allotted by user’s need if they want it to work, because the Enhanced Protection feature requires additional data to be submitted to Google Chrome to verify and inform about the passwords, breaches, and security of the users and it also offers “blister protection against dangerous cookies, websites, downloads, and extensions”.

Lastly, so do if you want to see or use the new updates you must be running the latest version of Google Chrome Canary with the flag enabled “Privacy Setting Redesign”. Also, Google Chrome has currently paused and suspended updates and there is no surety that when Google Chrome will make these updates stable for the public overviews.

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