Google Assistant will also answer your coronavirus queries

The coronavirus pandemic is growing rapidly and in these trying times, it is important that the general public is aware of the accurate facts and information. To ensure the curb of misinformation on their platforms, tech companies are putting in extra efforts to filter out illicit content about the COVID-19.

To keep the audience updated, these companies are also highlighting useful information on top of user’ newsfeed and timeline.

And now Google Assistant will also be able to answer any question you may have regarding the contagious respiratory illness. Google has also added shortcuts on its Assistant that would give the users coronavirus tips and latest updates on the subject.

Google will also integrate its ‘Do the Five’ campaign on Assistant. In case you are not aware, the ‘Do the Five’ by Google is advertised heavily on the search engine’s home page and push notifications. It aims to remind the internet user that they should wash their hands properly, avoid touching their face, cough in their elbows, practice social distancing, and stay home as much as possible.

Similarity, Google is also promoting users to visit the leading health resources to get the up-to-date authentic information regarding COVID-19.

Meanwhile, Apple has also updated its Siri voice assistant with all the latest information about the pandemic. Alongside this, Siri is also helping the users self-diagnose their condition based on their symptoms.

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