Instagram is rolling out some handy features for web and Windows users to improve engagement on its platform

Instagram has recently upgraded its Window's software called Progressive Web App (PWA), for the next time you tend to open the Instagram on PC or Laptop with Windows 10, you will observe something different i.e. direct messages option. Which means you will be able to upload any picture from your PC or Laptop in your Instagram account plus you can also send and receive the pictures from your DM too. Hitting upon the positive side of the scenario, this new version of Windows 10 allowed users to have access to DM’s which was something that wasn’t vastly available through Instagram Web clients.

Instagram is working with the best consistency day by day to upgrade their app and to facilitate their users so that they can experience new updates if they use Windows 10. Usually, Instagram does not frequently upgrade their Windows app because they work on more popular versions. Anyhow, the Facebook-owned company is also giving PWA some attention, in newer version you will be able to observe some modernized updates. To make their app more users friendly, easy, and effective, Instagram worked on bringing DM option through Windows 10 for its users and does not fail in doing so.

According to WC, the app seems to be interesting and similar to if we are using any website.

While wandering around Instagram's web version, we also discovered a recent posts widget, below every post, when opened in a new tab. The "More posts from ..." card currently features only half dozen posts from the creators whose posts is being viewed, which is an effective way for both causal surfers and influencers to discover new content and increase engagement. Sadly, the DM feature is still not available for web users.

This new version ensures to work easier and faster on our PC’s. There will be no need to grab your mobile phones to respond to any Direct Messages (DM) if you are using Instagram on our PC. As an advice, the next thing they need to do is to upgrade PWA for iOS devices as well.

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