Research Proves Why YouTubers Watch What They Watch In A Day

We have reached that point in time where almost all of us cannot imagine our days without YouTube. While the largest video-sharing platform has really brought the world together, the company recently carried out an interesting study regarding why YouTubers watch what they have watched in the past 24 hours.

YouTube began by asking the similar question from around 12,000 people that fell in between the age group of 13-64 and then shared the results via Think With Google.

First of all, the respondents watched a variety of content that ranged well from traditional media to videos only available online. Then they gave multiple reasons behind selecting a certain video from a list of 20 and that includes how one video helped people to relax and unwind, taught something new, allowed them to dig deeper into their interests; made one laugh or even because they had a passion related to the video.

YouTube's study stated that almost 70% of the global viewers let their moods make the choice of content and this further indicates how videos play a very personal role in our lives now. So, as soon as our mood changes, the choice of videos that we watch on internet also changes.

Be it learning new skills or seeking for advice, people around the globe now watch videos for more than merely entertainment. While many now learn life through it, some were also adamant to accept that they don’t know how they would get through life without watching videos every day.

Some other findings by YouTube include:
  • Viewers like content that specifically relate to their personal interests and passions more.
  • The ability of content to make people dig deep for exploring their interests stands of as much importance as high production quality, being on a preferred network/platform or even starring famous actors.
  • The Traditional TV-era makers now remain of less importance to the viewers.
  • Younger generations like Millennials and Gen-Zers search for more short-form content in the names of webisodes, tutorials or short video clips made by professionals.
Of all the video streaming services used worldwide, YouTube was by far the most common.

All in all, YouTube is here with a proof that with so many choices in content, people now watch videos with a different approach. They are now liberated to choose what really matters to them on a personal level.

But What Does This All Mean For Marketers?

Aim To Become Relatable:
It’s time to relate to your audience, all with the help of knowing their personal interests. However, bear in mind that the interest should not be your own expectations or guesses, you will have to follow the behavior. For instance, if your target is people who are looking for self-improvement, don’t keep your research restricted to your own alone self.

Go Beyond Entertainment:
46% of global viewers have admitted that they watch new videos to learn something new from them. Fortunately enough, videos have emerged from an awareness-only medium to an engaging one and the ad strategies should incorporate the changes.

Prefer Passion over Production:
When it came to choosing what to watch, respondents chose passion 1.6 times more than production quality. This overall means that people care more about what the content speaks to them instead of looking all fancy and premium.

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