Google adds a GIF celebrity search by emotion

Many of us use GIFs in our messages to convey emotions without using texts or sounds. However, the messaging platforms usually host numerous GIFs that make it difficult to find the most appropriate according to the situation.

Well, now Google is introducing a few tools that will make the GIF search process a little easier for everyone.

As per Google, the tool would enable users to search for a celebrity or a fictional character via the drop box. The results will give out all the types of emotions or reactions that are correlated with the specific character.

For example, if you search for Michael Scott, most GIF’s will be related to happiness and laughter.

On the contrary, Google will also add a tool that will allow users to do a ‘reverse search’ via emotions and find a celebrity or a fictional character associated with it.

The company has also launched an emotional ‘fingerprint’ tool that enables users to search for a GIF amidst a spectrum of emotions.

Google developed these tools after gathering data from its GIF and stickers search engine Tenor. The team at Tenor analyzed the trends linked with GIFs and generated these tools to enhance usability.

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