Pinterest Introduces A 'Today' Tab For Daily Trending Topics After The Company Saw Record Traffic

  • Pinterest saw record traffic after the outbreak of COVID-19.
  • The new feature will soon provide information on safety tips to avoid getting infected by the coronavirus.
  • Pinterest also adds a new feature called ‘compassionate searches’.
The outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic has led to a global lockdown. People are stuck in their homes and are searching for ideas to do activities while staying at home such as DIY craft ideas, short cooking recipes, and lesson plans for children, etc. Pinterest has seen record traffic the last weekend, more than any other weekend in the history of the company. The increased number of people visiting the visual bookmarking site has led it to introduce the new Today tab that was first spotted by Jane Manchun Wong back in February. The new Today tab focuses on featuring daily trending topics and ideas. This will make it easier for Pinners to explore ideas. The Today tab will recommend trending topics selected by the company’s team or sometimes by guest editors and the company might also appoint influencers and publishers in the future. The company recorded a 155% increase in freezer meals searches, a 13 times increase in searches for activities for children to perform at home, doubled searches for a home workout, tripled searches for ideas for working from home, and quadruped searches for kids’ science experiments in the last two weeks compared to two weeks earlier.

Pinterest introduced the Today tab on Tuesday which is currently showing ideas from trending searches. The company plans to also add information related to COVID-19 provided by WHO and CDC such as washing your hands frequently, properly covering yourself before going out, and other safety tips. The Today tab will be displayed on top of the user’s home feed in the US and UK. The company plans to launch the new feature in other countries as well and France, Germany, and Spain are the likely candidates. The company is also fighting against the spread of the coronavirus misinformation by blocking ads claiming to contain cures for the virus. The company is providing a link to direct users to World Health Organization facts page. Pinterest users can also report misleading information quickly related to COVID-19. The content discovery network removes all the fake news related to the coronavirus as it is against the company’s community policy which the company established in the year 2017.

People are being stressed out lately due to the coronavirus pandemic. Keeping because of the present situation, Pinterest has introduced a feature that we say ‘compassionate searches’. The feature shows a collection of healthy activities and tips from health officials if you search for terms like ‘de-stress’ on your Pinterest feed. The feature was previously available for the mobile app only but it will also be available for desktop now. Pinterest is not the only platform to see escalated traffic, Facebook and Twitter have also seen a significantly high rise in traffic for the past few weeks.

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