Facebook suggests its users to take social distancing measures responsibly

Because of amid rise in the cases of COVID-19, the Facebook has announced to provide information about coronavirus to its users in USA and Europe that would come in their news feed by setting up coronavirus information center to encourage them to distance themselves socially. The CEO, Mark Zuckerberg said that the main aim to start the service is to ask people to take social distancing seriously.

The information will be provided 24 hours long to around the world by collaborating with known authorities of the world. The CEO said that information center has been set up by collaborating with World Health Organization (WHO) and General Dental Council (GDC). Besides, it was announced by Zuckerberg that the software, communication enterprise and workplace will be provided to the government and emergency center for free for 12 months.

Mr. Zuckerberg further said that the use of Facebook and voice messages of WhatsApp has been increased a lot during coronavirus pandemic and the company is trying to use its infrastructure to support public health and people.

The pandemic coronavirus has brought massive destruction in shares and stock market. The shares of social media plunged more than 33 percent in 2020. Earlier in March, the company stop taking ads and the end of last month- 27th February, the company cancelled F8 Annual Software Developers Conference.

Recently, Facebook asked its workers to work for the social media and company from home. Besides, it is announced to give bonus of $1000 to its 45,000 employees who work as full-time. Moreover, the company will begin $100 million program to assist struggling businesses who suffered because of the pandemic.

Currently, more than 277,000 people are suffering from COVID-19, and 91,981 have been recovered, while more than 11,400 are died because of it, as Worldometers reported.

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