Microsoft Edge Soon To Be the Second Most Used Desktop Browser

More and more people are using the new Microsoft Edge browser as they prefer Chromium-based version a better replacement of Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

New data compiled by NetMarketShare in February shows Firefox’s market share decreased in the last few weeks, after the introduction of the new Edge.

Therefore, Microsoft Edge is about to be the second most used desktop browser and by next month, Firefox will probably come to third place.

Last month around the launch of Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome unexpectedly improved its market shares, from 66.93 percent to 67.27 percent. On the other side, Firefox had a downfall, as its shares fell from 8.12 percent to 7.57 percent.

However, Microsoft had an increase in its market share, rising from 7.02 percent to 7.39 percent and if the trend continued, it is much likely that it will replace the Firefox from the second most used desktop browser next month.

It is not surprising to see Microsoft Edge make it way up as the Chromium-based browser is offered as a default browser on Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and even macOS. Microsoft Edge is now a cross-platform browser due to its Chromium engine and the company is working to introduce the Linux version of it in the coming months.

It is highly expected that Microsoft Edge will be adopted by many other users in the next few months as people will be willing to try it. However, it will not be able to cross Google Chrome anytime soon rather will take years to reach near the market shares of Chrome.

Browser Market Share
Browser Market Share Data Via: NetMarketShare

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