Google Will Let Users Resize Picture-In-Picture Window With Android 11 Update

The picture-in-picture mode (PiP) came in as a flagship feature of the Oreo version of Android operating system and with it, users got the chance to enjoy playing floating videos on top of any application running on android devices.

As the feature turned out to be a great step towards making the possibility of multi-tasking on your smartphone happen with great ease, there was only one issue with it; users were still unable to resize the window as per their choices.

But now with recent developments in place, this isn’t impossible anymore. Google has set a default value in AOSP but with OEMs one can change the value which goes in relation to the size of PiP window appearing on the display. For now, users cannot change these settings on their own but it looks like that the option might come in Android 11.

The news was first confirmed by XDA Developers who have found out a new “PipResizeGestureHandler” class based in the SystemUI of Android 11 Developer Preview 2. The “PipResizeGestureHandler” class is also attached to the “” instead of “”. This means that the feature, when introduced with Android 11, will come to Google Pixel phones and all other Android devices that support Android 11 as well.

Google has plans to release the new update for Android somewhere in the later part of this year. The company even teased its users by showing some really exciting features back in February including the all new music player in the Quick Settings panel.

Google wants to make Android 11 as big as possible and therefore one can expect some necessary and some revolutionary changes to take place on your android phones soon.

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