The most worrying threat to smartphones is FOUND, Here's how to protect yourself

Technology is moving ahead but this momentum does not mean that the world is out of danger or security threats are getting reduced. Advancements in tech always results in more learning curves and more risks. That’s the reason why the smartphones are also in danger right now!

According to a cybersecurity firm, Avast, the adware apps and attacks are increased by 72 percent from October to December 2019. Last year it was 34 percent.

Adware is malware that flood the phone with lots of advertising popups by hijacking and stopping a few functions in the device. There are two kinds of adware: spammers and clickers. Spammers pop-up so many advertisements in the device while clickers click on advertisements automatically without informing the owner of the device to earn money.

The adware always come in the form of entertainment and trendy application which can either be harmless or harmful that aim to steal confidential and personal information of the device owner.

The cybersecurity firm also stated that adware is a growing threat for smartphones because criminals use malicious practices as a backdoor to get filthy rich or to harm the user.

However, Avast gives five ways to protect devices and users. These ways are:

1) Download application from a reliable sources. The firm advised installing applications from the Google Store or App Store because they publish apps after checking and verifying them.

2) Check rating and reviews and then download: It is required for phone users to see the rating of the apps they are going to install. If the rating is good then a person can prefer to download it otherwise it better to keep the memory spacious.

3) See what access it wants when downloading and installing: The sign of malicious apps is that they need access to such data which is not required to provide the facilities. If the desired application wants access to unnecessary data permissions, then do not download or install it.

4) Unauthorized subscription costs: It is important to check if the application does not result in unauthorized payments from the debit or credit card. If it is then it is better to delete or uninstall it.

5) Antivirus-the best solution: The cybersecurity firm recommends the users install the antivirus suites to keep the device secure because they block all the fraudulent apps.

So, these are the top five ways to protect the phone. In the world of today, it is important to keep devices protected and secure because most of the data and information are saved in it and the world runs on information.

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