Google vows to enhance security of Android devices

Lukas Stefanko, a malware researcher at ESET says that the apps that ask for several unnecessary permissions are dangerous. He further explained that most of the apps that ask for user’s consent for various purposes don’t actually need them to function their apps. However, this protocol is followed comprehensively on Google’s Play Store and puts the user’s privacy at significant risk.

Luckily, Google has now decided to get better control of its app developers and are forcing them to enhance privacy by eliminating unnecessary permissions. According to the Google's security researchers, the tactic has worked in their favor and has led around 60 percent of apps to remove permissions in all Play Store categories.

But do you know that the lack of permissions has impacted almost 55 billion Play Store installs?

Permissions in apps are usually taken as a nuisance by a user. In fact, repeatedly allowing apps permission for various purposes without actually knowing what they are for seems like a tedious task to most of us. But Lukas Stefanko points out that the permissions can give access to the bad actors in many ways. This includes giving them the opportunity to check call logs, phone numbers, photos and videos, and even browsing history.

Earlier this month, we had reports of a developer taking permissions behind 20+ popular utility and entertainment apps. Without knowing the actual use of the permissions, most users casually allowed to apps to access their camera, mic, phone, and location. However, these apps were found to allegedly send data to China for illicit purposes.

Luckily, Google removed these apps – despite them having a substantial number of downloads.

At that time, Google issued a statement that highlighted its privacy policy. The search giant also said that they take user’s privacy very seriously and action will be taken on apps that request unnecessary permission.

Additionally, Google encourages its app developers to modify their settings and request fewer permissions.

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