No more access to unnecessary background location - Android 11 is bringing much needed changes in Google Play policy

Digital age is causing privacy impeachment. That’s the reason why Google has decided to review all the present and upcoming applications and then permit them to access background location of users. According to a post on Android Developers Blog (published by Krish Vitaldevara, Director of Product Management Trust & Safety, Google Play) majority of the sites use background location even though they can provide features without using their location. The tech giant has decided to judge the upcoming apps that want approval to access background location, based on if

1) They could provide the required information when location is provided,

2) Users expect them to require their location

3) It is important to provide them location to deliver the required feature

4) The service would be delivered of same level without background location access.

Google, further, gave examples of three apps which would be permitted to get location. They said they can give approval to

1) Apps that send security and emergency messages to users according to their location at the time of need

2) Social media apps that let users to share their location with their friends and relatives, and

3) Apps that provide information of nearby stores.

Moreover, the company has said that users also have right to give apps an access to get the location for one time only. In past, the applications ask users that if they could give them access to their location and upon clicking on yes, the apps could access the location all the time. Now they could access for one time which means the application will ask again when the app will be opened next time.

Google has prepared the timeline when will they change and update Google Play Policy. The company will update the policy by April. In May, developers and makers of app can ask for feedback. The company could take time of two weeks or fourteen days to give them reply. On 3rd of August, developers have to submit their apps which need access to background location to get approval and the result will be given in the start of November. The applications that seems they would need the location access will be approved from the Google Play.

However, the policy will not be limited to new apps. Google will review present apps and approve or remove them after judging them on the paradigms on which news apps will be judged. The apps will not be judged by Google only. Google have their committee to give their judgement and the judgement will be sent to their staff to decide and present their opinion yet the decision will be of Google only.

Although, Android 11 is all about security, Google encourage makers and creators to check their apps and then present them for approval. According to new policy developers and creators will be responsible for third-party apps that will use means to track location.

As the time is passing, the cases of privacy disasters are increasing. Recently Facebook and other sites are accused on using users’ location even though they do not need it. Therefore, it is now getting necessary for Google to make such parameters that would allow only legit apps to track location.

No more privacy abuses! Google will review all Android apps that request background location data

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