YouTube Will Start Displaying Trustworthy Coronavirus Related Videos On Its Homepage

The new outbreak of the novel Coronavirus has made everyone pretty afraid. Everyone wants to have as much knowledge of the disease and of how to save themselves from it as much as possible. As the world is shut down because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the only right way to get information is through the internet or television. So, one of the ways to get information via the internet is through YouTube.

YouTube has decided to introduce a series of videos that are verified to be authentic by medical officials. YouTube will feature those videos on its homepage so that anyone who is trying to find trustworthy news about the virus can easily access them.

So, the video thing will work in the following way; some of the authoritative news organizations along with the help of local health officials will upload videos regarding the Coronavirus on the YouTube and YouTube will then post those videos on their homepage and label them as news regarding the Coronavirus. The videos of the COVID-19 are generated algorithmically. This means that the videos will be featured based on their relevancy to the viewer’s interest and region, and how recent are the videos.

YouTube is trying its best like other large organizations and companies to battle to panic and the wave of misinformation about the virus, which is continuously circulating in the time of crisis. For example; YouTube is regularly getting rid of fraud and misguiding videos about the infection like a video that says that Coronavirus spreads through the radiations of 5G. Videos like these are only making this time of crisis even worse because people who are not well informed about this virus are sharing those videos and creating more dread about it.

YouTube, for the past many years has played its part in bringing authentic videos regarding many things on the top shelves of its homepage so that all viewers get a reliable source to trust in the hard times. They always have a place on their homepage for important news and other significant world events which have to be known by people for their own betterment and the betterment of the world. Currently, that portion on YouTube is reserved for the information about the COVID-19. Officially the COVID-19 shelf on YouTube will begin this week in 16 countries, which includes the countries of the United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Japan, Italy, India and France. This service will eventually expand to other major countries around the world soon.

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