Facebook Options Menu Gets Colorful Redesign

Facebook has been making quite a few changes lately, and while a lot of these changes have been associated with boosting functionality in some way, shape or form the fact of the matter is that aesthetics are extremely important as well so it was only a matter of time before Facebook started making changes in this department as well.

The first of these changes are finally here, and it is quite a drastic change if you think about it. The important thing to note is that these changes don’t really have all that much to do with the main user interface. Rather, Facebook has opted to give its options menu a redesign, and most people are agreeing that it is quite colorful and aesthetically pleasing.

Whereas previously the options menu consisted of a list displayed upon an all white backdrop, the new menu has a blue background with each option being displayed as an individual card that has a white backdrop of its own. This helps make each option pop and is a definite step up from the tired old options menu that made everything seem rather boring and of course everything seemed to blend in so much so that finding individual options could take a lot of time because you would have to go up and down until you finally zeroed in on what you were actually looking for.

The new layout will make it easier to find what you are looking for without a doubt, and while it does take a lot more space it can be dragged out and then set aside based on whether or not you need it and these are things that can really help make the design a lot more streamlined and manageable. All in all this is a pretty great update to Facebook’s UI, and it indicates a lot more positive changes that are probably going to come soon.

Screenshot: AndroidPolice.

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