Apple Inc. Is Expanding The App Store To 20 New Countries Later This Year

Apple Inc. is one of the most successful and most popular gadget brand in the world. You can always find someone holding an Apple phone or someone using iPad or Apple’s laptop. The Apple Company has taken over the whole world (almost) and now they are expanding their service of ‘App Store’ to 20 new countries. This is the latest development by the Apple Company and it is a piece of big news for the world.

As we all know that Apple is a company of electronic gadgets. The tech giant is the creator of innovative devices such as mobile phones, tablets, music players, laptops, smartwatches, headphones, PCs, smart pencils, home pods, speakers, smart remote, TVs, etc. All these gadgets have dominated the world. Apple Inc. products are considered a status symbol and everyone who owns it considers themselves powerful and influential.

Almost all the Apple electronics are available in all the countries but their services of App Store are not available globally. So, Apple Inc. has now decided to expand its services circle to more countries. Now the countries which didn’t have legal App Store services will receive them and they will be able to enjoy their Apple gadgets even more.

However, Apple Inc. hasn’t yet disclosed when the service of the App Store will be available in 20 new countries. But, they are making full preparations to make their service to the new regions online when the timing is right. Apple is constantly keeping its developers busy to update and accept the license agreements to make sure that the service becomes online in new countries without any problems.

Apple has asked its team of developers and technicians to update and to set all their legal matters and information at the latest by 10th April 2020. This could mean that Apple Inc. is deciding to launch its App Store services to the countries by mid of April. Apart from a few countries, Apple Inc. is currently providing legal App Store services to 155 countries around the world.

Below is the list of 20 countries that Apple Inc. has decided to provide their App Store service from April.

20 Countries which will be receiving App Store services:









Bosnia and Herzegovina








Cote d’Ivoire




Photo: ymgerman via Getty Images

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