Facebook and the battle of fake accounts!

With over 2.49 billion monthly active users, Facebook is considered the king of social media and offers unmatchable reach for advertisers. However, the question around authenticity remains and many critics wonder how many of these accounts are fakes?

In their statement issued in 2018, Facebook claimed that their database holds around 4 percent or 88 million fake profiles. The figure was much lower than the Facebook-estimated 8.7 percent in 2012 and 11.2 percent in 2013.

Facebook owes the significant reduction of fake accounts on its advanced detection method called ‘Deep Entity Classification (DEC)’. According to Facebook, the machine learning method they are using to detect fake accounts have helped them remove 583 million accounts in first quarter of 2018 and 6.6 billion in 2019.

The social media company explains that its system not only analyzes the account but also takes notes of its interaction with other members of the community. The DEC also comprehends the groups and pages the particular account is associated with.

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