Fakebook: The story of forged Facebook accounts

Facebook recently released its Q4 2019 report, where they acknowledged reaching around 2.5 billion monthly user base. This figure is 2% more from the 2.45 billion recorded during the Q3 of 2019. Their count for daily active users also reached 1.66 billion, also up 2% from the 1.62 billion in the third quarter of 2019.

When it came to revenue, Facebook’s growth has slowed down. According to reports, the net income was only $7.3 billion, with 7% year-over-year growth. This number is significantly lower when compared to the 61% growth observed during the year of 2018.

Apart from the revenue and user figures, Facebook also highlighted the number of fake and duplicate accounts hosted on the social media platform. In quarterly report, the social media estimated that the proportion of duplicate accounts is around 11% of the total monthly active users. This means that approximately 275 million profiles (out of 2.5 billion monthly active users) on Facebook are duplicated or copied.

Additionally, the social media giant said that around 5% or 137 million user profiles on their platform can be considered false or misclassified. However, judging from the chart below, the numbers have not changed since the year 2018, signifying Facebook’s effort to control the spread of such profiles.

As always, the company admitted to be working on more ways towards limiting such profiles and using advanced methods to eliminate them from their database. Mark Zuckerberg also claimed that his company is investing heavily on combating hate speech, election, and filtering out ‘inappropriate’ content. In fact, this has led the company’s expenses to increase whilst the profits shrink.

Of course, recent privacy issues, news of penalties with the regulatory authorities, and integrating political ads in their network have also contributed to the low revenue for Facebook. Let’s hope the company resolves the issues during the year 2020 and comes back with its full potential.

16 Percent of All Active Facebook Accounts Are Fake or Duplicates

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