Quiet Model and Schedule Quiet Mode - Facebook's new features on the way

Like every other social media platform, Facebook has also been experimenting for long time to make the app must-use and engaging. That’s the reason why the company of Mark Zuckerberg introduced stories and then “Your Time on Facebook”.

Your Time on Facebook is a feature that help users to take care of their digital well-being by telling them how much they have used Facebook currently. It tracks users' screen time and set daily reminders to keep them mentally healthy.

However, the app has not stopped there. The world's biggest social media platform has been working on it to make it better. Recently, Jane Manchun Wong - a reverse engineer and blogger, tweeted that Facebook is going to add two more features in Your Time on Facebook: Quiet Mode and Schedule Quiet Mode. According to her tweets, these features are in the process of development but they will be launched soon.

Quiet Mode is the feature that will allow users to mute the notification while Schedule Quiet Mode provide option to schedule timeframes when the notification would be muted. Schedule Quiet Mode will be the automatic version of Quiet Mode. This feature would switch off notification automatically when the clock tick at the time which is selected.

Facebook has changed the layout of 2018’s launched feature. It has made separate section of Your Time on Facebook which has four options:
  • See your Time
  • Manage your Time
  • Get more from your time, and
  • Control your notifications
The sections and options of Friends on Facebook and News Feed Preferences has been shifted in Get more from your Time from Manage your Time.

The development of this update has been confirmed by Facebook's communication manager of EMEA, Alexandru Voica.

Although, the features seem interesting, Facebook has not announced yet and they are not available for public right now. Currently, they will be tested for few months, then the features will be announced and then they will be rolled out if everything goes smoothly.

Instagram and Facebook are always working to make their apps better. After all, they both are in the control of one man. It can be hoped that would yield better fruits for the whole world in different ways and paradigms.

Facebook is testing an improved version of “Your Time on Facebook” feature, adding Quiet Mode and Scheduled Quiet Mode options

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