Instagram updates: Improved suggestions, multiple restrictions on accounts, and more in the works!

Reverse engineering specialist, Jane Manchun Wong, shared her latest discovery regarding Instagram on her Twitter handle. According to the screenshots she posted, Instagram is experimenting with a couple of new features to enhance the usability.

The first feature is the ability to block or restrict multiple accounts on comments to weed out the inappropriate ones. Instagram Comms account confirmed Jane’s findings on her tweet as well and said that they aim to eliminate bully and cyber harassment through this protocol. As per the screenshot by Jane, the restriction will hide the abusive comments for other users and will only be visible to the original commentator and the recipient.

Instagram also says that this will allow the poster to rethink their words before submitting it on social media.

Instagram is working on letting you block/restrict multiple accounts from your comment sections in a new tool to help mitigating comment abuses

The other feature under development for Instagram is the integration of ‘Get Better Suggestions’ on the Explore tab. Instagram users are accustomed to the Explore tab, where Instagram shows posts suggestions based on one’s interest and past search history.

In most cases, the Explore tab is pretty accurate and shows suggestions according to the person’s likes. However, sometimes we do see topic recommendations that are not of our interest. To eliminate the occurrence of these suggestions and help the AI make better decisions in the future, Instagram is testing out a ‘Get Better Suggestions’ option that would enable users to see posts of their liking.

As of yet, the features are under testing mode. But given the demands of the users, we can expect the features to arrive in our apps pretty soon.

Instagram is working on a new way to get better Explore suggestions. It’s like the opposite of the “Not Interested” feature

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