Apple is testing a feature that will allow iPhone users revert the text messages sent by mistake

iPhone users are often guilty (and embarrassed) about sending a text message to the wrong person. Well, now we have some good news!

Reportedly, Apple is testing a new feature that would allow iPhone users to take back the wrong message sent through iMessage. Similar to WhatsApp and Messenger, both the sender and the recipient would be notified that the message has been deleted.

However, it is still not known whether there would be a time limit to cancel the message.

Apple has been working on several updates for its iMessage and it is expected that the new update would be available in the upcoming iOS 14.

Other features that Apple is testing include the typing indicator and the mention labels that allow users to tag others in the group messages.

Apple’s iPhone is always appealing to the users. However, the lack of features on iMessage often make users turn to third-party alternatives like Messenger. But these changes would make iMessage more attractive and would prevent users to make transitions to other messaging features.

When contacted, Apple was unavailable for comment. But as per the traditional followed by Apple, we can expect the iOS 14 to be announced in June, with a full rollout in autumn.

Photo: Future Publishing / Getty Images

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