Android lose more value than iPhone - What to buy now?

People used to prefer Android devices and Premium Android phones over iPhones and iPads but they cannot do this anymore because Android is depreciating double the value of iPhone for the last few years that made them perplex what to buy.

According to the reports and data of BankMyCell, Android lose 45 to 46 percent of the value of its original price while the iPhone lost 22 to 23 of the original price. The data says that Apple’s products lost 45 to 46 percent of the value in the last two years, collectively, while Android lost 70 to 71 percent of the original value in two years in trade-in. However, budget Android phones are losing more. The report says that lost around 80 percent of their original value in 24 months.

How Your Phone Value Drops 2019-2020

The company made the list of top ten companies that retain the value in which Apple topped the list which is followed by Nokia and Sony and HTC which depreciate 27, 31 and 32 percent while Google, LG, and Motorola are worst in retaining value. They lose 51, 56 and 59 percent. Meanwhile, Samsung and Blackberry secured 5th and 6th positions in the list by losing 34.4 and 34.9 percent of the original value of their products.

Depreciation Rate of Cell Phones

Google, LG, and Motorola has been losing value in trade-in since 2018 and 2017. Motorola One lost 76 percent-it can be bought for $43 right now, in the year in which it was launched whereas Pixel 3 of Google lost 57 percent of the original value and LG’s Nexus 5X lost around 70 percent of the value.

Galaxy S10 of Samsung, on the other hand, lost $373 from its actual price which gave a big shock to the company.

Thus, according to the report, budget Android phones of $300 will now cost a person not more than $27 in trade-in.

The report gave comparisons between the iPhone and Galaxy S10 depreciating values. In 2019, iPhone XR faced a loss of 21.55 percent ($102) while the competitor lost 37.98 in nine months. The reported compared iPhone XS and Galaxy S10 as well which highlighted that Apple product lost 23 percent ($141) whereas Samsung phone lost double of it last year and the same phone of Samsung lost 45 percent while iPhone XS Max lost 25 percent that is $176.

However, there are phones which are losing value slower than others. One of them is LG G Flex. It lost 29 percent of its actual value last year since it is released in trade-in while others have lost more than 43 percent. The phone was on the list of the most popular phones in 2019.

The news of depreciating value is positive from one paradigm and negative from others. It is positive because people could buy their favorite phones for cheap right now and it is negative because it is risky nowadays to invest in the business of phones otherwise they have to face the music which nobody wants to face at any cost.

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