How Safe Are Google's Android Auto and Apple's Car Play?

The world has shifted to the applications and digital tools. However, not all of them are good to use and beneficial. Some of them are dangerous because of being a source of distraction. And unfortunately, two of them are Google's Android Auto and Apple's Car Play.

The two software are used for navigation and driving purposes but a study from I AM RoadSmart and TRL reveals that Android Auto and Car Play can distract drivers. The report says that drivers delay around a second when they don’t use these infotainment devices but the users of these touch systems can have 57% and 53% of increase in reaction time, when playing music through Spotify using the Car Play and Android Auto, respectively. Besides, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration says that users take off their eyes from the roads more than the given guidelines due to which the position and speed of the car suffered significantly.

The applications are considered to distract more than texting and driving after having cannabis. The report highlighted that the voice commands are not as effective as touch of Android Auto and Car Play but the touch screen divert attention more than other activities.

Therefore, I AM RoadSmart asked the drivers and chauffeurs to operate the applications or set them before starting their journey. Besides, they guided them to use Auto Car after parking the car in the corner of the road to get guidelines. However, they ask authorities to review them further.

The chart below lists the activities that effect the driver's reaction more. According to the research, drinking could slow the reaction by 12 percent while cannabis and hands-free phone by 21 and 27 percent. The graphic shows that drivers would react 30, 35 and 36 percent slowly if they use voice command of Android Auto, do texting and use voice commands of Apple CarPlay respectively. Meanwhile Hand-held phone and touch functions of Android Auto and CarPlay could slow the reaction time by 46, 53 and 57 percent.

Although, authorities are against the two, the users find info and entertainment boxes very helpful and effective. According to their reviews, the application assist them to reach at place on time and help them to focus more on roads with their voice commands.

How safe are in-vehicle infotainment systems?

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