After Google, YouTube hires Liaison

The world has moved ahead of information age and age of digitization. Now, the humans are between the age of digitization and communication. That’s the reason why the rules of marketing and communication are emerging and the best example of this can be seen right now is the creation of the liaison department on YouTube!

YouTube has hired a liaison creator recently. Liaison creator is a person who communicates the two parties with each other by bridging the gap and giving them away to understand each other.

The world’s biggest database of videos gave the position of liaison to their old employee and creator, Matt Kovalakides.

Matt Kovalakides had a comedy channel that had 115,000 subscribers and 15M views. After selecting in “NEXT UP” class, the comedian joined the YouTube as Content Strategist. He developed 10 fundamentals and moved up to become head of Content and productions of two outlets of education on video site. Now, he has been given the position of Head Creator Liaison.

As a liaison, Kovalakides has the task to bridge the gap between YouTube and content creators or so that they could understand each other. The head said that there are problems on both that need clarification; therefore, he aimed to bridge the gap.

YouTube is the second company that has hired creator liaison after Google. Google hired Danny Sullivan who works as Google’s search liaison. The cooperator and communicator has even made an account on twitter with the name of @searchliaison to tell the users what is happening on Google so that users and the site have better communication. Sullivan welcomed the new liaison on social media where tweeters commented and asked if there is the liaison for Google Docs or Google My Business.

Kovalakides deserve wide appreciation, the man has so many things to do because the YouTubers have a wide range of complaints from the site which includes the concerns regarding policy enforcement, changes in policies that affect their viewership. Moreover, there are content creators who ask for suggestions on how to increase viewers and subscribers.

Although now the site has a communicator, it is not so easy to solve all the problems. Creator Liaison could address the problems before getting bigger and get validation if the creators know where their content is standing before getting published but he is only one person to do this. Yet, it can be hoped it will solve the problems and as he said would bridge the gaps.

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