Hacking Has Become a Highly Popular Career Choice, Here’s Why That’s a Good Thing

Hacking is the kind of career that has some pretty negative connotations associated with it since most people tend to think that it involves data breach in some way, shape or form or otherwise attempting to use one's knowledge of the ins and outs of technology in a rather malicious way all in all. Hence, when people hear about the fact that becoming a hacker has started to pan out as a really popular career choice for people, it is understandable that they are worried because most people don’t know that most hackers are actually forces for good.

It’s true that if you have knowledge about hacking you could potentially end up using it for the sole purpose of trying to steal all kinds of information for people, but most ethical hackers know that there is a lot of profit in using their skills to fix bugs on the internet as well as overall making the internet a much safer place for pretty much every single person that might be involved. These hackers often work on a freelance capacity rather than relying on any kind of corporation to give them a regular source of income, and this means that they are free to set their own hours as well.

According to HackerOne, a platform that hackers can use in order to find jobs that require their skills, there are about 600,000 hackers registered with their platform alone, and what’s more is that you would find that about 850 new hackers are signing up to that platform every single day so not only is it a highly popular career choice it is growing as well which could just end up indicating that there are a lot of people that know how things like this tend to work and that they are willing to invest a lot of time and effort into getting good at this field so that at some point they would have the ability to acquire a certain amount of financial viability for themselves all in all.
The 2020 Hacker Report by HackerOne reveals that, "In 2019, hackers [around the world] earned nearly $40 million in bounties, almost equal to the entire amount awarded in all prior years combined.". The report further highlighted that, "The most successful hackers find their efforts very lucrative — 6 hackers surpassed $1 million in lifetime earnings this past year — most do it for more than the money."
When you look at the numbers you can see why hacking is starting to become such a popular career choice. For one thing, hackers that work primarily on bug bounties which basically means that they are given a reward for reporting a particular kind of bug have earned over eighty million dollars up until this point in time according to HackerOne! That means that each hacker that works on the platform has earned a sustainable source of income for themselves.

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When you factor in the fact that they have a lot of control over their timings and can work whenever they want without having to go to any kind of office, you can see why the thought appeals to them so much and gives them a reason to start looking into more ways in which they can get hacking done.

All of this will tell us quite a bit about how the world might just end up changing with regards to the jobs people choose to do at any given point in the future given the profit that can be gained from stuff like this.

New Report Claims Hacking as a Career is Growing in Popularity

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