New Data Shows YouTube and Facebook Are Still the Kings of Social Media World, Tumblr is Down and Out

Video streaming is an essential aspect of the tech industry and most platforms that are branching out into social media have some kind of video streaming element to them all of which is allowing for a lot of options to come into play, options that one may not even have thought about before this current point in time. For a long time YouTube was the undisputed king of streaming, but Facebook made moves against the platform and in a shocking turn of events it surpassed YouTube in terms of how many streams the videos it was offering had gotten.

In spite of the brief interlude where Facebook reigned supreme, the past year has turned the tide and YouTube has come out on top. In fact, Facebook is the only platform whose total visits have dropped rather than gone up, that is it is the only platform apart from Tumblr. Pretty much every social media platform has seen an increase in terms of web traffic except for Facebook and Tumblr, and the latter of these two probably dug its own grave by banning all adult content which was a big part of the usage that people derived from the social media network. In fact, Tumblr lost about a third of its users after making this decision, so most people would agree that it was a terrible mistake although it will make an interesting case study in what not to do when managing the growth of a social media platform.

The data is important because it shows just how widespread video streaming is becoming, and this is the main reason behind why every platform should try its best to maximize their video streaming potential in order to capture a market that is becoming more and more powerful as time passes.

Chart courtesy of: Similarweb.

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