YouTube on 15 years - CEO Susan Wojcicki determined to make the platform a reliable video library

YouTube CEO, Susan Wojcicki, reflected the views that the company aims to remove all content that breaks the law of the world's largest video library and promotes authority voices when it comes to providing news to make it authentic on its 15th birthday.

In the official note, the CEO writes that the website was started on 14 February 2005 to entertain and inform the people. She further wrote that initially the content was "very human", unlike the polished content of traditional media but now things are changing rapidly. She said that many of the videos breach the laws and promote wrong information; therefore in third quarter of 2019, 8.7 million videos were removed and policy was changed 50 times which includes:

1) The introduction of YouTube child policy

2) Update in harassment policy

3) Alternation in hate speech rules

The CEO discussed responsibility as well. Wojcicki wrote in the blog that her first responsibility is to focus to make YouTube better in 2020. She said that the YouTube has more than two billion users and she looks forward to making it a platform where there would be a content creator ecosystem that supports different content. She said that the company wants to make YouTube a network which would collaborate with music producers and productions, and advertisers to remain a place of learning and getting information.

Wojcicki also explained that responsibility of its company can be taken in 4 Rs

1) Removal of policy breaching content

2) Reduction of borderline content and content that breaches policy

3) Raising authoritative voices for news

4) Rewarding content that follows policy

At the end of the blog, Susan Wojcicki wrote that US elections are near; therefore, YouTube is trying to be open and provide authentic information while fulfilling its responsibility.

YouTube on 15 years - CEO Susan Wojcicki determined to make the platform a reliable video library
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