Mark Zuckerberg Reveals Unexpected Personal Feelings About Government Regulations Over Facebook

We are living in a day and age where everything is quite new and this is basically why so many people are worried about how companies that are becoming more and more influential every single day will be held accountable if they ever cross a line or end up causing a lot of harm. Facebook is a company that has become quite widely known as billions of people use its main product, but the fact of the matter is that this company has also often had a rather negative impact on the kind of world we live in, and this has prompted a lot of government entities to start thinking about ways in which they could regulate the social media platform as well as other big tech companies.

In a recent interview Mark Zuckerberg talked about his opinions surrounding impending regulations, and they are not quite what you would have thought they were going to be. He does seem to think that regulations are going to hurt his business, but at the same time he acknowledges that they are necessary regardless of the impact that will be seen on his company’s earnings.

Zuckerberg also acknowledged that any harm that would be done to his business would be done in the short term, and that in the long term they would probably benefit Facebook in the sense that they would help the company chart a course that was in line with these regulations all in all. Regardless, he does seem to think that regulations are important as well as necessary, which is an important thing for him to say given that his opinion on this issue probably matters a great deal more than people would initially end up realizing, and this might just end up making it far more likely that the legislation required for these regulations would end up getting passed.

Photo: REUTERS/Erin Scott

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