YouTube’s “Project Witness” Uses VR to Show the Seriousness of Social Issues

Tech companies provide a lot of services to people here and there, and the main goal of these services is to make it so that people have the chance to improve their lives. However, while it is not a legal responsibility for corporations to do so, trying to raise awareness regarding certain issues is also something that most people would consider to be enormously important, and the fact of the matter is that until and unless corporations use the enormous amounts of power that they have in order to do good, it seems rather unlikely that they would truly make the world a better place which is ostensibly what they are here to do.

YouTube is clearly aware of this responsibility because of the fact that the video sharing and streaming platform has announced its new project called Project Witness. This project is basically going to use VR technology in order to shed some light on social issues, with the plight of children that are currently incarcerated being one that the platform has chosen to highlight which is commendable because this is certainly a serious issue that needs to be dealt with.

Children that end up going to jail very rarely are able to overcome the trauma that this causes them. Oftentimes the reason behind why they went to jail has to do with the conditions in which they were raised, conditions that often end up making it difficult for them to ever return to a normal life and instead creating a vicious cycle wherein they are a lot more likely to reoffend and are thus essentially sentenced to a life behind bars. Seeing their suffering as children in adult prisons through VR technology can help people to empathize with these kids and raise a lot of awareness about this issue.

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