Phishing URLs are making rounds on WhatsApp to hack users, warns Vade Secure, an Email Security Company

We all know how big phishing attacks can be, which is why social media companies are always looking out for better ways to deal with them. Recently, Vade Secure’s Phishers’ Favorites Report for Q4 2019 was released in which WhatsApp was seen in the fifth position, which is up by 63 spots being the most impersonated brand in phishing attacks.

"Despite having only three brands in the top 25, social media increased its share of phishing URLs from 13.1% in Q3 to 24.1% in Q4 2019.", explained Ed Hadley, Senior Director, North American Marketing at Vade Secure, in a blog post.

Vade Secure mentioned that the rise in the phishing attack stems from a group on WhatsApp with the name ‘Berbagi’ that invite recipients in the group and shows them pornographic content. Apart from it, it is also in the news that the ‘000webhost’, a web hosting provider was hacked from where the phishing pages were hosted.

Not to forget, there are other social media giants as well on the list. Facebook took the second spot and Instagram was found on a number 13. Facebook has been working well and saw an 18.7% decrease in the number of URLs for phishing attacks.

Report Claims A Massive 13,467 percent Increase in WhatsApp Phishing URLs

Facebook has solved many WhatsApp bugs in the past that could have led users to compromise their privacy, but thankfully it did not come to that point. Facebook is committed to make WhatsApp a safe place and we might see better and safe connectivity in the future.

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