Twitter to take Control: Censor ‘Toxic’ Tweets Automatically through its Tools

Twitter is taking charge of reducing censorship on the platform. Recently, Twitter announced a hide replies feature that allow users to manually censor toxic replies on their tweets that can protect their tweets from being ruined.

It seems like, it was not enough for Twitter, which is why now the micro-blogging platform is offering tools for developer to hide replies automatically by measuring the toxicity of the tweet.

‘Toxicity score’ is one of the ways how Twitter is supposed to give a number of the tweet in order to hide it from users. In these ways, there will be less engagement and comments on tweets, which might hit back Twitter.

Abusive behavior and cyber-bullying has turned into an international problem, which is why social media giants are playing their part to deal with these problem by automatically censoring tweets, replies and other abusive content on their platform.

Apart from it, Twitter is also planning to introduce new misinformation rules on March 5 that will include a reward-based fact-checking tool through which users will be able to earn points by fact-checking abusive or misleading information on the platform.

Twitter users think that these new rules will also affect the meme-sharing activity on the platform due to censorship at most times. However, this does not stop Twitter from taking worthwhile steps.

Twitter is planning on restricting the retweets, mentions and other stuff that will significantly influence the number of replies and retweets on the platform.

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