Reddit will now suspend users upon upvoting ‘policy-breaking’ content

Reddit is one of the biggest names in the internet forum market, but its narrow policies are making it hard for users to breathe on the platform. A mistake, an opinion, and you’re banned? That’s just not acceptable.

Recently, the CEO of Reddit announced that they will no longer just block the user for the content they post on their platform, but will also suspend them if they are found to be upvoting for any such behavior.

Reddit has announced about this new policy in its transparency report of 2019. They mentioned that the users will be given warnings and sanctions, but if not taken seriously – this will leave for the permanent or temporary suspension.

Not to be surprised, users are showing their angst and irritation towards Reddit’s policy and some users even went to the extent to say that it won’t take much time for users to block Reddit.

This is not the first change that the users will be seeing this year, which is causing more problems. Just in December, Reddit tested ‘crowd-control’ the feature that allow moderators to suppress opinions and comments from those who are new to subreddit. Apart from it, Reddit went on a cleaning spree of their website in order to appeal to advertisers in the last October.

So, now what do you think about Reddit?

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