TikTok Users Can Now Enjoy Pin Stickers in Their Videos

A new sticker pinning option has been introduced by TikTok in videos that will let users attach a sticker to an object in the video clip. The sticker will stay in place and as the video angles change, its size will change accordingly.

In your video, select where you want to pin your sticker by choosing a point in the video to place it, which can be done using the slider given at the bottom. A ‘Duration’ option is also available through which you can choose for how long the sticker will display in the video.

After pinning the sticker, it will move around with the object it has been attached to, as filters work on Snapchat and Instagram.

Plus, the TikTok sticker sheet has a much similar design as of Instagram. Not just this, the TikTok profile is getting a lot like Instagram which seems a little annoying.

Many of the social media apps are cloning each other to be more prominent than the competitor and fitting into the usual behavior.

It does not matter, which design of the app is copied from other apps, the new sticker options in the video app will help TikTok content creators to have more creative options available.

To get the new feature, update your app.

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