Does Google Really Have As Many Search Results As It Shows?

Google is pretty much the single most important part of technology in the world today, and a big part of the reason why this is the case has to do with the various ways in which you would find uses for this technology with most of these uses coming from things like trying to acquire information about a particular topic that you have some interest in or at the very least it relates to your field of work making the searches you make career based rather than interest based.

If you have ever made a Google search, you would know that the search engine claims to provide hundreds of thousands of search results if not millions, and it does this pretty much in an instant which is the kind of thing that makes it possible to acquire a large amount of information about pretty much anything that you would be curious about. However, the fact of the matter is that the math sometimes just doesn’t add up. The search engine claims to provide a vast quantity of search results but if you see the number of pages coming up as well as the number of search results on each page you would realize that you can’t possibly have access to as many search results as Google is claiming to provide.

What then, does this mean? Is Google lying about the number of search results that it is showing? Not quite, although it’s fair to say that the numbers you see do tend to be misleading in one way or another. You see, generating all of these search results requires quite a bit of computing power, and more than anything else Google needs to be able to give you results quickly. Let’s face it, search results that are past the tenth page of results are probably not going to be of any use to you, and the vast majority of people would probably not be willing to go past the first page of search results either.

Hence, Google’s priority is obviously going to be getting the search results that you are actually going to see to you in as short a period of time as possible, and as a result of this fact it gives you a selection of search results that are available for the query that you have entered. These search results are stored in separate servers, as explained by an engineer Sean Lyndersay, which means that only some of them will be shown to you since accessing all of them would be too time consuming.

Many would consider this to be deliberately misleading in a lot of ways but the fact of the matter is that those search results are indeed available, they’re just not being shown to you because of the fact that there is a very high likelihood that you wouldn’t really find all that much use for them all in all. You do get the best and most relevant search results from each server which more or less ensures that you would acquire information that would legitimately help you out when you are trying to learn about something for the various reasons in which people go for this sort of thing.

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