Good News for the Brands and Creators on TikTok, the Social Media Giant to Add Website Links Feature on User Profile

TikTok is definitely working on growing their business, which is why they keep on coming up with new changes and feature that allow its consumers to get the maximum benefit.

TikTok is working on to add the URL of your website in the profile bios that will help creators and brands to get some extra traffic. Sam Schmir spotted the new option that allows the users to add a custom link, which then appears in pink on the user profile.

As we all know, TikTok is a good way to earn money and presence for the creators, but for top creators and brand on the platform who are looking to create a presence on people’s mind – they need to do something more than just creating TikToks. For this reason, the new URL feature will help them to drive traffic back to their website that will give their followers a place to head up to whenever they are in need of relevant services.

In this way, the creators and brands can reach their traffic goals as well, which is the only way to a brand’s success. The brands and creators can capitalize on this growth as well. Hence, we can say that TikTok’s new feature has a business appeal in it.

Currently, TikTok is only looking to boost their growth because no matter how big the platform is, it is still not enough to match with the numbers of other social media giants. It is the reason why TikTok is spending thousands of dollars per day on its ads campaign in the US to maximize their brand awareness.

Although advertising is a good way to get users, it is not the best way to retain them. SimilarWeb posted that TikTok has a lot of hype, but its actual user base is not that big; however, it is rising day by day.

TikTok did not release any official number of the number of users on its platform, which is why there is a question mark on the retention of users on TikTok.

Hat Tip: Socialmediatoday.

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