Beware: This WhatsApp bug can read into your PC files

We all have heard from Facebook about how safe and secure WhatsApp is, but the new revelation about a bug in the app will make users think twice before believing this claim.

PerimeterX Cyber Expert Gal Weizman found out about the new bug that can lead iPhone owners to expose all of their PC or MAC data to malicious parties.

The bug is found in the design of WhatsApp that allows the crooks to read into the files of your PC and MAC, which might consist of sensitive content.

How does this bug affect you?

We all are aware of the Web WhatsApp that allows users to log into their WhatsApp account through desktop. The bug will affect the users who connect their phones with their PC or Desktop leading the hackers to enter into your personal data on device.

You will get a link, which is as legit as anything, driving you to legitimate websites. The link will appear as a normal link, but it is nothing but a gateway to your personal media files on the PC to the hacker.

Weizman reported that he can enter into the files through JavaScript. Avoid forging malicious links that you see on the WhatsApp for a while now if you want your data to be safe.

How can you dodge this bug?

The iPhone users are recommended to immediately update their WhatsApp and avoid opening any unnecessary suspicious links. Apart from it, the users have to update both their WhatsApp phone app and desktop app to completely block this bug.

Although there is no news on the abuse of this bug, but it can lead to that if not resolved in time. Be cautious and upgrade now to get rid of this link!

Researcher Discovered A Vulnerability in WhatsApp Desktop Platform

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