Whatsapp For Android Has A Weird Reply Bug

A strange bug is appearing in Whatsapp for Android users which is causing inconvenience to a lot of users when they try to reply back to a message. The problem has only been reported by users with WhatsApp for Android beta version 2.19.27 currently and therefore updating it to a newer beta should fix this if you are also facing the similar issue.

The Whatsapp bug was first reported on Twitter by beta news tracker WABetaInfo where a lot of other users confirmed about its existence by replying to the tweet. Prior to this, whenever a user wanted to reply back to a particular text, Whatsapp gave the option of selecting the message with a swipe gesture. This used to make things easier for recipients especially in a group chat or in case of replying to multiple texts by one person. But, now with the recent bug, the old messages from reply context stays even when you have replied to the message before or closed the app afterwards.

While it indeed is very irritating, beta versions of any app usually have hiccups as they are mostly released for testing and the final version always includes a solution of all the problems being reported. However, companies still try to make the beta versions stable for the comfort of their users.

That being said, Whatsapp for Android has released three beta versions after 2.19.27 so you can now update the app to get rid of the bug.

Whatsapp is also going to expand its payment services in more markets this year. The details regarding it are still not revealed but the chat app will soon have good news for many of its users.

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