TikTok is a Spyware App, Says the Reddit CEO, Steve Huffman

Despite all the controversies, TikTok, which was released almost five years ago has managed to mark its brand name. Over time, it gained 500 million active users in a month and is also on its way to beat WhatsApp for being the most downloaded app on Google app store as well as Apple.

Steve Huffman, co-founder, and CEO of Reddit, however, have a distinctive opinion. While talking at an event about how the social media apps will shape the upcoming decade, Huffman called TikTok a ‘parasitic’ app. According to him, he would never even download the app on his phone and also advises people not to download TikTok on their mobiles.

Huffman was present at Social 2030, a one day conference that was attended by investors and entrepreneurs. Reddit CEO said he actively tell people not to install the Spyware app on their phones. He considers it ‘fundamentally parasitic’ that is always listening, especially its fingerprinting technology scares the most, and that is the reason Huffman would never install it on his phone.

TikTok is the second most downloaded app in 2019 and in the fourth quarter, it reached an all-time high with 220 million installs, a 24 percent increase over Q3 2019. As per reports, in Q4 2019, the company’s revenue had a massive 540 percent year over year increase.

ByteDance, the TikTok owner responded to Huffman’s remarks by saying that these accusations made without any proper proof.

Photo: Zach Gibson/Getty Images

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